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Claims Against A Taxi Firm

Unfortunately some taxi firms have a bad reputation when it comes to obeying the rules of the road. In the face of losing profits they may frequently flout rules that have been developed to keep people safe, and this can unfortunately result in accidents. Regardless of whether the taxi driver was speeding or not, if

When business debt becomes personal debt

When a business has got into serious trouble, it can have real implications for the personal finances of company directors. Some company directors use personal assets to get access to loans. If the loans cannot be paid then the consequences for the individual can be severe. Self-employed people can also get into financial difficulties as

A New Take on the Stock Market

There are numerous benefits to using CFD trading as opposed to traditional share trading. Although every kind of stock investment holds some risk as stock can go down as well as up, Contracts for Difference require a much lower cash outlay and capital investment than share trading. For companies wishing to trade with CFDs, it

Importance of gap insurance

Fair market value is a concept which states that as soon as an individual leaves the car lot with the car, it reduces in price by up to 20%. If you have just brought a brand new vehicle, and you desired to finance the acquisition, then you must be aware of the term Gap insurance.

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