A successful website development project – some hints and tips

A successful website is commonly understood to be one that attracts visitors in numbers which match or exceed expectations – on a continuing basis. If you are producing a business website in a competitive arena, it can be quite a challenge to pull off this feat. However, if you team up with a website development company which is sympathetic to your goals, it is perfectly possible to produce a website to make your MD proud. Here then are some hints and tips for building that successful website.

There’s no escaping the preparation

In some cases, websites are launched in a rush, with a flurry of enthusiasm, only to flounder, later down the line, on a sea of indifference. This unfortunate outcome is often down to a lack of preparation. This preparation work can be done without a computer, designer, or developer in sight, but it is an essential first step. First and foremost, develop a vision and purpose for your website. Think about what makes it special or even unique and write a mission statement which should ideally fit in to a single paragraph. With this clear purpose in mind, do some thorough market research. This can either be the formal, commissioned type of research (which can be costly), or informal: asking colleagues, friends and family what they would want from your site and doing your own internet research on the competition. At this point, you can pull together all your preparatory work into a proposal for a website development company to get their teeth in to.

A name that stands out from the crowd

Create a domain name for your website which makes people do a double-take. It needs to be sufficiently quirky to catch the eye of potential visitors, and yet sufficiently meaningful to give people the gist of what your site is about. ‘Amazon’ is a prime example: It is exotic and quirky, yet also suggests endless vistas – a metaphor for the sheer volume and variety of goods sold by the world’s largest online retailer.

Attractive, yet focussed web design

Web design is another area where a balance needs to be struck. In this case the web designer should aim for an aesthetically appealing web design which catches the eye and stands out from the crowd. Yet, at the same time, the original vision and purpose must be met. This means navigation must be clear and users must always know where they are on the site. However appealing a website design is, it should always be purposeful, leading users towards destinations which cohere with that all-important vision.

Compelling content

Finally, do ensure that your website is packed with meaningful, clearly written, content, which, if not 100 per cent original, always offers fresh perspectives. However wonderful the visual design of a website is, it should never be expected to ‘carry’ the website. In the end, only the words on the page will make or break your website.

Following these tips should help your business start on the right foot and begin to flourish.

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Nick is a part time techie, full time writer and Lifestyle intern at 5 Articles.

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