Is A Semi Hollow Guitar By Gibson Right For You? It Just May Be

A Gibson 339 can be described as a semi-hollow body electric guitar. It is crafted at Gibson’s Custom guitar factory. This guitar has just about the same dimension as a normal solid body electric guitar, however provides the sound associated with a semi-hollow body guitar.
The ES-339 is the next generation of the Gibson line of tailor made famous ES electric guitars. It travels to places no other guitar has previously been having a bold, new semi-hollow tone which is loaded with expressive, in fact awesome, overtones.
The ES339 is modeled after the popularity of the semi-hollow body guitars initially designed by Gibson in 1958 for the ES335. Lightweight but more stream-lined compared to a conventional semi-hollow electric guitar, the ES339 preserves the unique semi-hollow body electronic tone that drove numerous hit recordings and milestone performances. Pair of ’57 Classic Humbuckers along with 3-way pickup selection and also personalized volume and tone controls supplies the amazingly resourceful sounds that produce the semi-hollow electric legendary with regard to its use within jazz music, rock and roll, blues, country, and virtually every different type you can imagine. Superior Kluson tuners hold retuning instance at the absolute minimum, and nickel hardware improves the fantastic appearance.

Gibson’s ES339 is born from the legendary ES335. It is actually crafted starting with a maple block of wood that is entirely solid and strong. This guitar also features laminated maple back, sides and top. It is actually small compared to the ES335, closer to the dimensions of the Les Paul model. Electronically the ES339 is different from the ES335 making use of what Gibson refers to as the Memphis Tone Circuit. As a result of this modification you now have a logarithmic centered method of volume management which in turn produces a pair of benefits: clarity and vibrant high-end sounds will not roll off the moment you begin to lower the volume (preserving the sharpness of tone found at all volumes) and the way the level of volume goes up or goes down have more of a natural feel, matching what a person’s ear may anticipate for every particular level from (one to ten) to sound.

So as you can see if you are looking for the next level of the new frontier of Gibson Guitars then the Gibson 339 semi-hollow body electric guitar is for you! Are you a true guitar enthusiast who enjoys fine custom craftsmanship combined with legendary sound? If so then you are a prime candidate for this great guitar, one that will provide you with endless amounts of fun, pride and pleasure.

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