Top 3 Causes Of Gum Recession

The problem of gum recession mainly occurs when the soft gum line starts to disappear along the teeth. As a result, a considerable amount of the tooth is exposed until the tooth roots are also exposed completely. This problem generally does not develop quickly. Initially, you will experience the symptoms which include red, swollen, and tender gums that tend to bleed for no reason. When you notice any of these symptoms do not wait that it is not causing any serious harm you can wait, it is suggested to consult your dentist right away before things get out of your hands. If this is left untreated, the teeth might eventually fall out.

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What Are Dental Implants?


In the field of dentistry, different types of dental treatments and procedures are opted for by the concerned professionals in the associated field. All such treatments and procedures are meant to offer relief from certain types of dental problems or other issues that may interfere with normal functions as well as overall good health of the teeth. In this respect, dental implants are also used commonly in the field of dentistry. We come across the term dental implants commonly however only a few people know what it actually means or refers to.

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How Sharing Germs Impacts Your Dental Health

We all know that germs can spread a cold or flu and that it is important to wash your hands to reduce your exposure. However, did you know that cavities, gum disease, and other infections are also spread through saliva? Saliva does provide quite a bit of protection. It flushes germs away and contains antibodies, … Read more

10 Tips To Keep That Perfect Smile

Smile is definitely the best thing in anyone’s life. Well shaped teeth are like an add-on for the perfect smile. The most important way of maintaining your smile is to focus on oral hygiene and making regular visits to the dentist. Many people overlook oral hygiene which sometimes causes gum problems, tooth decay and ultimately … Read more

Mercury Filling Removal

Mercury filling removal is a service there is growing demand for. More and more people are realising there is no need to continue to put up with a mouthful of metal and are having their old mercury fillings removed.

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Practice for You

While it may sound like a simple process, deciding which orthodontic practice to register with for a consultation or any necessary dental treatment is important towards oral health and teeth maintenance. Particularly within greater regions of the United Kingdom such as London, the number of practices available to the public can make it difficult to … Read more

Natural remedies for Teeth whitening

Who does not want to have white teeth? Everybody likes to have whiter teeth, but not everybody is ready to spend additional cash to get a beautiful smile. Laser Teeth Whitening is considered as the best method to get whiter teeth but it is quite expensive. However, without spending extra money, you can still have … Read more

A Laser teeth whitening procedure

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best ways to get whiter teeth. Also, the outcomes last much longer as compared to other usual ways of tooth whitening. The laser teeth whitening process should be carried out by dental professionals. Laser teeth whitening process is an expensive process, and cost up to one thousand dollar. … Read more