your myths regarding electric cigarette.

electric cigarette and electronic cigarette is a thing of knowing. Together, they examined the design, accuracy and clarity of labeling, nicotine content, leakiness, defective parts, disposal, errors in filling orders, instruction manual quality and advertizing for the following brands of e-cigarettes The study was funded by a grant to Talbot from the University of California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP). In itself, that strongly suggests that E-cigs are safer by several orders of magnitude. I can’t believe the dirty power moves that wealthy elitist of Big Tobacco are using. This article is disgusting. The amount of nitroasmines found in (certain eliquids), in the FDA study, was at least like 500 times less than whats found in a single cigarette. said it perfectly. I have smoked about 17 yrs and I tried to quit many times unsuccessfully and now I have not smoked a real cigarette for a MONTH! these e-cigs work but only if u want to quit. I wanted to and did all because of the e-cig. I remember thinking during the night that I need to get out for a smoke because I was craving one. And then I thought wow…when the heck am I going to quit this habit?! I’m here with people who have beat cancer! Just before I was about to go out side I saw a girl smoking a e-cig. I had been wondering about the e-cig for some time and if it would help me to quit smoking.But until that happens of course they are going to ban the sale and say they are bad. that it is a great way to quit smoking if it were so bad for you. See for yourself just goole e-puffer dr show. Our government makes way too much tax dollars from smokers to want them to quit.

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