Couples are choosing more ornate wedding rings

Traditionally the engagement ring was the more expensive and ornate piece of jewellery.

The bride to be would flash her new sparkler to all her friends flushed with excitement about all the celebrations to come. Wedding rings were much plainer. A quiet statement of commitment after the excitement of the proposal and the acceptance.

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The beauty of sterling silver bracelets

There’s something about sterling silver bracelets that puts them a cut above the rest. Perhaps it’s the style, the elegance or even the simplicity of them, but they manage to look stunning on any wrist without being too over the top.

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Choosing Bespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke engagement rings are beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery that are ideal as a mean s to show a fiancé how much they mean. You and your partner will be presented with the chance to choose from a range of metals, the type of stone or stones, and the type of design to be used.

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The perfect ring to go with the perfect gesture

Life contains some earth shattering and spectacular moments. Making a proposal of marriage is one of them. People plan for the perfect moment. A grand gesture or a subtle one. However they plan do it the most important thing is choosing the right ring. No matter how spectacular or original the gesture, if the ring … Read more

Choosing a diamond ring should be relaxed and unhurried

Choosing engagement rings is an exciting time for any couple. Some men like to shop alone and surprise their bride to be with a sparkling diamond, but increasingly couples shop together. It’s a big decision so this is totally understandable. It’s not like there’s much room for compromise. Any ring has to be just right. … Read more

Bespoke Jewellery Is Timeless

For hundreds, if not thousands of years the giving of jewellery has been seen as something really special to do. Receiving a nice piece of jewellery as a gift is always nice, but when it is a piece of bespoke jewellery it is, somehow, even nicer.

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