Your Smokeless Cigarette Clearomizer and How to Refill it Using a Syringe

Now, where going to present to you how to refill your e cigarette cartomizer using a syringe. There are further ways to refill the e cigarette cartomizer, but we believe this is the fastest & quickest way to carry that out.

You’re going to need a few things prior to you start. E-liquid, an empty electronic cig cartomizer, electronic cigarette battery to do the testing once were done and a syringe. The electronic cigarette syringe were using today has a three milliliter capacity, an 18 gauge needle which is one and a half in length. Lets grab our E-juice, take the cap off of the syringe. Make sure the plunger is all the way down prior to drawing the liquid in. Get the bottle in your hand, in the other hand grab the needle. Aiming for the nipple of the bottle, inject the needle right into it. The eighteen gauge needle fits perfectly and goes in like softly. pull back the pludger on the syringe. The 18 gauge can draw very fast. This is why you may want to do it rather slowly. I like to do a half a milliliter for each indivual e cigarette cartomizer. Go ahead & pull up on the plunger. Now, pull straight up & now you have your liquid in your syringe.

Now, were going to inject it into the cartomizer. There’s two cartomizers with one cap off & the other on. The one with a cap off has an intake hole that connects to the other end of the cartomizer. So what you don’t want to do is stick your needle straight in &W inject the fluid. If you do so, what will happen is it will gamble leaking out on the other side. This could altur damaging it. So what you want to do is get the electric cigarette cartomizer & instead of going straight in. Tilt your e cigarette cartomizer upwards, guide your needle of your syringe along the wall & push it in.

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