Your MOT Check Keeps You Safe

A surprising number of UK car owners view the annual MOT check as a massive inconvenience. Some even view it as an imposition. However, this is because many car drivers do not stop to consider just how unsafe the roads would be without this annual check up.

Before the MOT was introduced, a huge number of vehicle on UK roads were far from safe. People ran around with cars, which were literally falling apart. In the worst-cases, things like brakes and steering did not work properly.

Today, it is impossible to run a car legally without a full MOT. The fact that people have to have their vehicle checked for safety on an annual basis means that there are far less unsafe vehicles running around on the road. This has had a considerable positive impact on the number of accidents that were due to mechanical failures.

The MOT Check Evolves

Over the years, the MOT check has been changed and updated. This is being done in an effort to make sure that the checks kept up with new technology. The most recent changes took place in 2012, largely because new safety systems have been installed on cars. In many cases, these new systems were not being checked. An example of this is electronic parking brakes. These have been installed on vehicles for several years now and are now very commonplace. However, they were not previously part of the MOT check, today they are.

Getting a Car Ready for the New MOT Check

If you want your car to pass its MOT, you need to carry out a series of additional pre-MOT checks. If you have any warning lights on it is possible for your vehicle to fail the MOT. You need to look at the warning light and establish whether it is part of the new MOT check. If it easy you need to get that system repaired prior to the MOT. Some people think that they can simply get past this by taking the fuse for the warning light out. However, in most cases this approach will not work because the MOT process includes a specific check of each system not just checking the warning lights.


To find out more about the MOT check and the best way to get your car through the check visit the MOT MOT website.