Your Photovoltaic Installation

With a solar energy system fitted to your home it is possible to save money on the electricity you use and even to profit for the electricity that it generates. Photovoltaic tiles and panels can be fitted to the roof of your home and these are used to collect power from the sun before converting it into a useful and viable form of electricity for your home.


Electricity from the mains relies on the use of non-renewable energy sources like coal and gas. There is only a finite amount of these resources in the world and, as we consume more and more, it means that we are not only reducing the amount of them that are left but we are damaging the environment in other ways too. With a solar installation it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing energy spend and our reliance on these brown energy sources.


A photovoltaic installation can be as simple as a water heating system. The energy from the sun is used to heat the water in the tank which can then be heated further, if required, and used for heating the home, having a bath, doing the dishes, and more. Alternatively, an all-encompassing system will see the energy that is created converted into a usable AC power source which is the same as the energy taken from the mains.


Modern photovoltaic cells are highly efficient; so much so, that they are able to collect and convert energy even on cloudy days. They are also available in a wide range of different designs and styles so that you can choose tiles that more closely match your roof. You don’t have to sacrifice the look or quality of your home in order to enjoy an energy efficient home.


A photovoltaic installation can save you money and even make you a little profit at the same time. You will be paid for every KWh you produce and will generate extra income for the surplus energy that you feed back to the grid. What’s more, you will add value to your property by having a new installation fitted to your home.


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