Factors to Consider When Sizing for a New Air Compressor

Whether you are replacing an existing air compressor, adding to your existing system, or starting from scratch, having the properly sized air compressor will save you from headaches in the future.  1- PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)  When determining what pressure your air compressor needs to be rated for, you will want to look at … Read more

Electrical Power Transformers

Electrical power transformers are widely used. A transformer takes power from one circuit and transfers it to another. They take the electrical power from one circuit, modulate it and deliver the right level of power to a building or machinery, which has its own circuits.

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Installation Of Voltage Management Systems

The installation of voltage management systems can utilise a number of systems and measures to help reduce energy consumption with a plant or other business premises. Reducing energy consumption is important to all businesses but especially to those that have an especially large exposure to currently high energy prices.

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Receive Money for Old Phones

As technology across all sectors continues to develop and improve, it results in a progressive stage in which previous portable appliances and other electrical products are eclipsed by more advanced products.

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Demand for smartphone replacement batteries may be high

Demand for replacement batteries for smartphones may be particularly high at present in the UK. New figures show that the popularity of these items has soared and a very high percentage of consumers now own them. Sometimes, the batteries of these devices break or go missing, meaning new rechargeable batteries are needed.

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Getting More From Sky Television

Television is changing and evolving all the time. Not only are there now more ways to watch TV than ever before, but even the way in which content is generated is changing constantly, and many online companies are now even starting to commission their own original content.

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Do You Really Need a PAT Test?

Whilst legally you may only need to ensure that portable appliances are in good working order and you may not actually legally be obliged to get professional electrical inspection, many insurance companies will require you to prove that items have been PAT tested.

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