How Video Watermarking And DRM Service Protect Digital Content From Piracy

Video watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) services are essential tools for protecting digital content from piracy. Piracy is a significant issue for content creators and distributors, as it can lead to significant revenue loss and damage to their brand reputation. In this article, we will explore how video watermarking and DRM service can protect digital content from piracy.

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The NFC Access Control Innovators

The BIG tech players are entering into the world of Near Field Communication (NFC) and expressing new ways it can be used. Doordeck, the world’s only NFC access control aggregator applauds the innovation and increased exposure of NFC technology. Some might ask… what is NFC? read Doordeck’s thoughts before reading on.  Advancements into the NFC … Read more

Touchless Technologies In The Built Environment

Touchless technologies such as QR codes and NFC encompass Doordeck’s smartphone door access control product allowing for secure and safe building access. The pandemic encouraged the use of touchless technologies for a variety of uses from bringing menus up on your smartphone to entering sports and music venues. Doordeck welcomes the increased familiarity with these … Read more

Expected Mobile App Development Trends 2020

“Future is mobile computing – smartphones and tablets are just devices act for technology”   2019 has witnessed’s digital transformation in the business market by mobile app development and the presence of mobile computing is every sector so far. There is no doubt about fact happening in the present situation in a business environment and … Read more

Increasing Digital Safety for Your Business

It can be very easy to forget just how important digital safety is to a business. By spending a great deal of money on physical security, many businesses may be missing the point and forgetting that their most valuable assets are now likely to be digital ones and therefore their biggest security risks will be those related to data as opposed to the computers they are kept on.

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Beating Post office Price Hikes

Post office Price Hikes

The cost of sending parcels and letters is growing all the time. As such, many businesses have been turning to the internet to help them reduce the overheads involved with sending out everything from invoices and statements to promotional materials and general information.

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Find Out What Apple Is All About


Many people are wondering what all of the hubbub is about Apple computers. They may seem them advertised with the Apple logo being very visible, but they may not understand exactly what advantages an Apple computer can give them.

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