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Block management

What is block management? Block management is the letting or maintenance management of a block of flats. Managing agents understand that every property is unique, and that estate management needs to be tailored to meet the exact needs of a given property. Providing first class block management is a skill and needs to be bespoke

Online CVs And Privacy

The issue of privacy is of constant concern on the Internet. It has been proven in practice that data can be stolen from what were previously thought to be impregnable networks – and this includes credit card numbers, names and addresses. There is always the problem of fine print on a websites privacy policy. It

Cubicles and lockers built to last

Thousands of people use local authority leisure centres every year. Whether they need to use the gym or want do a few lengths of the pool they need somewhere to get changed and somewhere safe to store their valuables. These facilities take a bit of a battering. With all that use each and everyday, council