Print Pictures to Canvas for Mother’s Day 2012

With Mother’s Day coming up it is not always easy to find a sentimental yet unusual gift. A creative way to make use of old family photographs whilst creating a fun and unique Mother’s Day gift is to print your pictures to canvas.

Start by sorting through old cherished family photographs and pick an image that has sentiment to both you and your mother, family occasions and parties always work well. Scan the photograph into your computer ready to send to a canvas printer. Next pick the room your mother would have the print displayed and make a note of the wall’s size and shape as this will help you pick an appropriate canvas size and shape.

Begin the ordering process by selecting the desired canvas size and shape, the bigger the wall then larger your canvas size can be, as a general rule the canvas shape should mimic that of the walls. The size of the canvas edge depends largely on the size of the print, anything larger than 30cm x 25cm looks stronger with a two inch depth, whereas anything smaller suits a one inch depth.

Canvas printing traditionally has the print pulled and wrapped around the edges of the canvas. However if you do not want the image cropped then there are other options. You can have a reflective edge which reflects a section of the image onto the canvas edge; this gives the impression of image wrapping without the cropping. Alternatively you can have plain white edges or add a splash of colour with customised colour edges, just make sure it matches the room.

To finish the printing process for transferring your pictures to canvas, choose a canvas colour which best reflects the style of the image. If your image is old and classic looking then add character by getting it printed in black and white or sepia, if your image is new and colourful then leave the print in colour.

Make sure your canvas print is shipped to you in plenty of time. Either wrap it up with a huge bow, or slyly hang it ready for Mother’s Day.

Your Image 2 Canvas will print your pictures to canvas . Based in the UK, the family run company pride themselves on producing top quality canvas prints from your favourite pictures.