The 16 Year Old Singer Miracle: Austin Mahone

Although Austin Mahone is only 16 years old, he’s been a singer for the larger majority of his life. Working with his friend, Alex Constancio, Mahone began posting videos on YouTube in 2010.

His career picked up more steam when he released 11:11 this past Valentines Day and he was able to sell out an entire Paramount Theatre. The song 11:11 climbed to the number one position on several pop charts and to number 28 on the Billboard Social Chart in both the United States and the United Kingdom. This broke a few records, as he was the youngest person to ever appear on this chart.

Born in San Antonio Texas, Mahone’s father died when he was only 16-months old. An only child, Austin was attending Lady Bird Johnson High School in San Antonio, before his fame became too great, requiring him to leave school and begin homeschooling.

The songs that he created on Youtube were able to go viral without much effort and as a result he started to pick up steam. Austin’s Fan based is full of teenage girls that call themselves Mahomies and love his Justin Bieber-like-style. Appreciative of his fan base, Mahone has 700,000 followers on Twitter and about half of that on Facebook and maintains his own YouTube channel garnering over 13 million views.

He is often called Justin Bieber version 2.0 due to his similar appearance, style and even an almost identical voice and mannerism as the iconic Justin Bieber. His fans often request Austin to create cover songs on the popular Justin Bieber songs. One of Austin’s most well-known covers, released on October 2011, was a remake of Bieber’s “Mistletoe,” which surpassed views of Bieber’s original release. Before he became popular and went viral on Youtube, he had a different account where he used to post videos lots of different cover remakes. Living the dream of many young singers, Austin performs a live-stream concert for his fans every week on his website.

Despite having just finished grade 10, Austin is a lot more successful than a large majority of adults. Even though there’s a tough competition in his field, Austin has made extremely smart business decisions, rising his fame up all by himself, through social media, without the requirement of a record label or any large agents.

In addition to having a golden voice, Mahone also plays the piano, drums and the guitar and also produces his personal line of tee shirts and jewelry and is an avid basketball player in his free time. Even though he is still working without either agent or manager, Mahone is working on releasing his first album, with a schedule release date sometime in 2013. Austin currently lives with his mother, Michelle and his dog, Angel, in Miami, Florida.

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