Stage props for any era and production

The theatre isn’t all about the West End, despite what some people think. There’s more to the scene than the top productions in the capital. All over the UK productions tour provincial venues and enthusiastic amateurs and students stage their own versions of classic plays and musicals. What unites the whole scene, from the most humble school play through to top professional productions is the need for stage props.

Putting on a great show isn’t just all about great acting. There’s a whole army of people working behind the scenes to make sure the sets and costumes are up to scratch and look the part. This can be hugely challenging, especially when the production calls for period detail. No one wants to cut corners or get the details wrong. It all detracts from the authenticity of the experience. But getting hold of specialist props can be hard.

Thankfully dedicated hire companies make life easier for stressed out directors. If they are stuck they know that they can turn to specialist hire companies who stock a bewildering array of stage props covering every era. Need something authentic, accurate and hard to get? Then this is the place to look.

The audience expect a great show. They’ve paid their money and want to see great acting and production values. And why shouldn’t they be demanding? Great acting is for nothing if sets and props aren’t up to scratch. It all detracts from the experience. When productions values hit the mark then everything else just seems to slot right into place.

No matter what is required, these companies will have it in stock and available for hire. No matter how obscure or ridiculous the item, it’ll be in their vault somewhere. Thanks to hire businesses theatre companies can put on wonderfully crafted shows that drip with period detail.

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