There wouldn’t be theatre without prop hire

Modern films have immense multi million pound budgets and incredible special effects, but people still love a night at the theatre. There’s a special thrill seeing live actors walking the boards. It’s a form of entertainment that has endured for centuries and show no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. People still flock to the West End and of course to local amateur productions. Seeing friends in the local community stage a production or kids at school put on a play or a musical is always a great night out.

While the actors win all the plaudits the audience should never forget about the huge team behind the scenes who make everything possible. A show wouldn’t a be show without all the fabulous costumes and amazing sets. Many productions rely on the backstage team recreating period detail, right down to every last little item. Props really make a production come to life. If everything is accurate and realistic then the show will succeed.

But where to find all of these props? How does producer or director go about finding all of the bits and pieces that they need to recreate historical detail? Thankfully they don’t have to track them all down individually. That would be an absolute nightmare.

Prop hire is a welcome shortcut. Specialist hire companies stock pile all kinds of weird and wonderful items. They have huge vaults and warehouses full of every kind of item imaginable. One call is all it takes to source everything needed to put on a great show.

Without prop hire there wouldn’t be theatre. Of course actors take centre stage, but its the behind the scenes team who are the real unsung heroes. They work tirelessly to put on the shows and musicals that everyone loves to go along and see.

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