Inside information on where acting auditions are taking place

Everyone had to start somewhere in life and then got a big break one way or another. Making it as an actor is tough. There’s no two ways about it, but new talent does get discovered and cast in a range of productions. Making a living doesn’t just have to be about TV work. Theatre and the stage offers varied and challenging roles that test actors to the limit. It’s hard for the aspiring would be actor to find out about auditions and casting calls though. Without inside knowledge and a bit of a heads up they just won’t be able to put themselves in the frame for a new job.

So what’s the deal? Is there a way to tap into an information stream about what’s going on and which productions and shows need performers? More actors are starting to discover the benefits of text alert services. By subscribing they can pay a small fee to get information on the latest acting auditions and where they need to go to get involved. It’s a little inside knowledge that gives actors a bit of break where auditions are concerned.

Of course an audition is nothing more, nothing less. It’s by no means a guarantee of work, but this is how so many household names got discovered. There’s nothing to lose by going along and giving it a shot. That big break might be just around the corner.

Auditions are the perfect opportunity for actors to show directors and casting agents what they’ve got. Knowing what’s going on and where is big head start over rivals for the part. Information is sent direct to mobiles in the form of a text message. Signing up is simple and easy and people can unsubscribe at any time. It’s a worth a shot and the pay off could be a steady stream of acting work.