Become a Virtual Assistant as a College Student

If you are interested in making some extra money while in college then you may find working as a virtual assistant enticing. Virtual assistants can handle specialized daily tasks and administrative support tasks. They do it from their own office or dorm room. A virtual assistant works virtually, thanks to technology like email, telephone, fax machines, postal mail and courier services. A virtual assistant is not an employee but rather an independent contractor and does not receive a salary or benefits. Virtual assistants can work on an hourly basis, project basis or on a monthly retainer basis.

What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?

For starters, a virtual assistant can help with mundane tasks like article content distribution or they can maintain databases. A virtual assistant skilled in HTML and website production can make updates and changes to websites on a regular basis.

Virtual assistants handle creating and mailing electronic or print newsletters and answering routine customer service emails. They can help create and design electronic books and reports. Virtual Assistants can even sort through email and send the more personal or technical questions to their boss to handle while handling the rest independently. A virtual assistant can also help with bookkeeping.

That’s just a small dose of what a virtual assistant can do to assist with an internet marketing business. Different virtual assistants have various skill levels. Many assistants are highly skilled not only in administrative support tasks like database entry and email blast distribution but also in specialized tasks like press release creation. Plus a virtual assistant can distribute the press release for a business. It is an added bonus as added bonus as a virtual assistant to know a lot about computer hardware and software as well as accounting procedures and Internet research.

Most virtual assistants are hired after conducting an interview via the telephone or skype. The purpose of the interview is for your potential employer to determine if you have the attributes that he or she is looking for.

Companies want to invest in a virtual assistant who has top notch skills, is good working attitude and is willing to do things their way when training is necessary. Plus the employer will discuss how you will communicate with them, such as telephone, email or both, as well as how often you want to touch base with the them. Employers want to know all of this information because there is a good chance that you will be working with them for a long time. Often virtual assistants are offered long term contracts with companies if their work is good.

Every virtual assistant sets his or her own rates, some lower or higher than others. As a virtual assistant you should charge what you believe your skills are worth. Companies are willing to pay decent wages to a skilled virtual assistant.

The best part about being a virtual assistant in college is that you will never have to move away and leave your employer because you are just an email, instant message, or a phone call away. As a college student it is hard to work set hours but as an assistant you can do all of your work in your dorm room or in the school library. Your hours are up to you as long as you get your work done before deadlines. If you are looking to make money in college and have any of the skills mentioned in this article then a job as a virtual assistant may be right for you.

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