The Multi Manager Select FX Account is pleased to announce what we believe to be a ‘first of its kind’ managed FX account.

The Multi Manager Select FX Account.

Compound return since inception +1084.14%.

The Multi Manager Select FX Account is a multi-strategy based account. Trading purely in the foreign exchange market and utilising the systematic trading routines of three autonomous traders, within a single client wrapper. This divergence of trading styles leads to a lower risk parameter, whilst ensuring a higher return on capital deployed.

To open an account, simply visit and follow the account opening links.

The Multi Manager Select FX Account.

Inception date: March 2009
Compound return since inception: 1084.14%
Average monthly compound return: 31.89%
2011 annual return: 152.33%
Minimum opening deposit: USD 5,000.00 or equivalent.
Performance fee: 30% monthly on a high water mark basis.
Management fee: 2% per annum.
Capital default protection: None.

US based broker. Regulated by The Commodity Futures Trading Commission & National Futures Association.

Through the use of our percentage allocation management system, client capital is equally dispersed across our three selected FX traders. Leading to a measured investment approach from the independent trading methodologies of each individual trader:

Associate Trader One. In order to manage risk and further diversify client funds the trader for this portion of the account operates 2 strategies. The first strategy aims to have a maximum of 6 open trades at a time, with a maximum of 12 trades per day. This strategy plans to risk up to 5% of the balance on a single trade. In order to further manage trades, the trader uses take profit and stop loss orders or opens new trades to close the old trades. The majority of trades close through orders, there are some market situations that cause the trader to hold some open trades for several months. The trader does not use electronic trading in the strategy but manages positions manually.

The second strategy is based on short-term trend following, with entry before the Europe market open utilising a semi automated technical trading approach. The majority of trades are closed within 24 hours whilst some trades last two to three days. In order to further manage risk, this second strategy uses two group positions in four currency pairs, with approximately a maximum of eight trades per day.

The trader looks to manage the maximum drawdown in either strategy to 15%, with a yearly return target of 30%. The trader for this account has more than 7 years experience of trading within Forex Markets and is an NFA Exempt CTA.

Associate Trader Two. The strategy for this portion of the managed FX account is based on two main carry trade principles. The first principle identifies the general trend within an allocation across varying cross currency pairs. The second principle identifies undervalued currencies using classic chart patterns. Trades are closed by using a data check at least three times prior to making the final decision.

This strategy generally avoids news trading, unless the opportunity is specifically targeted. Risk is controlled by leveraging strict calculations prior to any trade being entered. The historical drawdown on the strategy has been 20%, but tight risk management over time has limited the impact to less on live client accounts, the current targeted maximum drawdown is 15%.

The strategy trades 2 to 3 times per week and typically opens 3 to 5 trades at one time with a total position risk targeted in the 10% to 20% range. Leverage on each trade is between 10:1 and 20:1. Trades are generally closed in minutes to hours with all trades having a manual hard stop in place. The Trader for this account is an NFA Exempt CTA.

Associate Trader Three. The trader for this portion of the managed forex account uses a fully automated trading strategy that is constantly monitored when in live trading. The profit target for this strategy is based on a conservative overview with an average growth of 2% to 4% targeted per month with a total annual return prospective of between 24% to 48% per annum.

The main focus of the trading strategy is based on a technical pullback methodology identifying overbought and or oversold positions. Trades are entered based on a number of technical factors including Pivot Points, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index and Stochastic indicators.

Trade exits are generally based on capturing small 3 to 20 pip movements depending on market conditions. Generally only one position is open at a time but the trader may have up to 4 positions open in some cases. The stop loss functionality is usually set at 2% to 5% total equity loss for all open positions.

To open an account, simply visit and follow the account opening links.

We work hard to identify solid FX traders and lobby the providers for the best terms for you, the investors. We are striving to be the “authority” site about managed forex and systematic trend trading by listing the services of a variety of good traders, not just one like you see on most other sites. With the opportunity to diversify your funds you have a much higher chance of having a more consistent return.


Although your investment decisions are totally up to you, we encourage you to consider splitting your investment funds between at least two accounts – better three. Be aware that past results are no guarantee of future profits and never forget to invest only risk money.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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