Arken Wholesale Poster Frames Made in the UK

Using Arken wholesale poster frames, made in the UK is a great way to promote your business. Arken have been making advertising equipment and POP kit for the retail industry since 1948.

Over the years, they have used their extensive experience to develop some fantastic poster frames, which they are happy to sell in bulk at wholesale prices. However, if you are a smaller business that wants just one or two frames they are happy to sell them to you. Even when you are buying their frames in small quantities, you do not have to pay a fortune for them. Their frames are priced to represent exceptional value for money.

The Arken Wholesale Poster Frames Made in the UK Range

The Arken range of poster frames is extensive. Arken have developed their range to ensure that any kind of business can find a way to advertise their business effectively using posters.

They sell wall mounted frames, pavement frames, light boxes and hanging frames. All of the frames that they sell are easy to use. They are designed to allow one person to change each poster in less than a minute. You either open up the front of the frame to do so, or slide the poster in and out from the side. Arken sells a range of lockable, tamper proof frames to reduce the chances of vandalism.

If you need a more specialist frame, you can speak to Arken about your needs. They are happy to adapt their existing frame designs to meet the needs of customers that are ordering in bulk. They are constantly developing new poster frames, so are well placed to help you with this type of order.

Where to Buy the Arken Wholesale Poster Frames Made in the UK Range

The best place to buy the Arken wholesale poster frames made in the UK is direct from Arken. By doing so you get the best deals. You can be 100% sure that you are buying genuine Arken poster frames. This is important because there are some cheap and tacky poster frames out there, which do not look anywhere as good as Arken frames and are not as hard wearing.


For more details on creating bespoke display products or advice on your in-store display requirements contact Arken. Arken wholesale poster frames made in the UK represent especially good value for money.