IVA Advice

IVA advice is being increasingly sought out, in the UK. Unfortunately, due to the current economic environment more people are getting into trouble when it comes to managing their debt.

Why Demand for IVA Advice Has Increased

There are several reasons for this. In most cases, it is not because people are running up large amounts of new debt. It is increasingly more difficult to do this simply because it is far harder to get credit. Rather people are struggling to pay off the debt they already have. In most cases, this is because their financial circumstances have changed quickly and drastically.

Most families are finding that making ends meet is more of a challenge. The cost of food, power and fuel has all gone up. At the same time, wages are being squeezed. Many people have either not had a pay rise for several years or have had to take a pay cut. Firms are increasingly having to stop paying overtime or put people on short time. In addition, unemployment is rising and people are increasingly finding it hard to find new work.

Unsurprisingly, increasing numbers of people are struggling to pay off their debts. As a result, more people are looking for IVA advice. They want to know if an Individual Voluntary Agreement is the right way for them to re-structure their debt to make it more manageable.

Finding the Best IVA Advice

The internet is a good way to find good quality IVA advice. Most of the companies who offer advice about debt have their own website.

However, not all companies offer truly comprehensive advice about IVAs. They are not suitable for everyone and there are disadvantages as well as advantages to using IVAs to manage debt. Some firms do not explain everything thoroughly to people. These firms need to be avoided at all costs. It is best to look for firms who are members of Debt Managers Standards Association (DEMSA). Members of this association follow guidelines that have been drawn up with the oversight of the Office of Fair Trading, which means the advice given is the best available. You need good advice before committing to an IVA, so seek out these advisors.

Debt Free Direct gives the best possible IVA advice . They are DEMSA members who have advised thousands of people about IVAs over the years.