The new way to choose a courier service

Every organisation needs to move goods around from time to time. There might be the occasional office move for example, or a more regular need to get goods and products to different locations. For anyone without much market knowledge, it can be difficult to get a good price for this kind of work. No one wants to pay over the odds and miss out on the best value deals. So how can people make sure they get a fair price for this kind of courier service?

Thanks to the Internet there are new ways to compare services and get prices. One of the cleverest innovations are the new generation of auction sites. This model encourages providers to bid on work put forward by potential customers via a dedicated website. The customer can then select the quote that they want to go with. The customer benefits from increased choice and better value for money.

Any Van have successfully brought this approach to the field of delivery service. Their simple, intuitive and easy to use website links buyers and sellers of these services. Customers simply have to input what they need to transport, pick up and drop off destinations, plus dates for collection and delivery. Then anyone who runs a courier service can bid for the work. It really is that easy. It’s a different approach that is transforming the way companies do business and customers buy services.

Choosing a delivery service and getting the best value for money doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Not when there is Any Van. The website is proving increasingly popular and thanks to its innovative approach, has already won a number of awards. Both customers and providers are getting on board with this new way to do business. Getting started is easy and there’s no obligation to accept any quotes that are put forward.

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