Silver sol: The new silver solution Safety

Because ages silver is being used as a valuable metal for numerous purposes such as jewelry, plates, cups, medicine, funds and even as a disinfectant for water. Silver pails had been employed to shop milk for at the very least every day without refrigeration. It really is this antibacterial and antimicrobial property of silver that led towards the style of silver sol , the new silver resolution inside the late 1990’s.

What’s the composition of silver sol?

The fully natural silver sol remedy with anti-microbial properties is composed of 0.001% elemental silver and 99.999% pure water. Silver sol is often a colorless, odorless compound using a small metallic after taste. Silver sol with silver suspended permanently in water gets dispersed throughout the body extremely effortlessly. Generally, the effectiveness of silver particles varies using the size. However, the new silver technologies named the silver sol is very helpful in designing nano particles capable of spreading effortlessly.

How is silver sol helpful?

Silver sol, the new silver solution is capable of killing drug resistant bacterial strains for example the staphylococcus aureus and silver sol also inhibits the viral multiplication by inhibiting the replication from the viral genetic material. The new silver resolution inhibits the viral replication by inhibiting the enzymes DNA polymerase as well as the reverse transcriptase. Silver sol is also found to show anti-bacterial action against the bacterial strains such as the Shigella boydii, E.coli, Klebsiella, Haemophilus influenza as well as the Streptococcus pneumonia. The new silver solution is discovered to become capable of killing any pathogenic bacterial strain.

The anti-microbial action of silver sol just isn’t restricted to only bacteria and viruses. Silver sol can also act on protozoan like the Trichomonas vaginalis that causes vaginites in women along with the yeast like the Candida albicans that causes candidiasis.

Silver sol is also located to become extremely helpful in treating the drug resistant infections. The drug resistant infections which took almost a year to cure were cured by silver sol inside a very short period of five weeks.

The quicker healing capacity of silver sol, the new silver remedy reduces the price of therapy by about 3 occasions as well as the patient might be out of the hospital within a brief time period.
The effects of silver sol could be finest utilized when utilized in combination with other antibiotics. The additive effects of silver sol, the new silver resolution assists in clearing the resistant microorganisms which are left out by the antibiotics. Because of this, usage of silver sol ensures that the resistant strains don’t revert back and cause illness at a later time.

Intake of silver sol:

Silver sol, the new silver answer could be taken twice per day orally. Should you wish to utilize silver sol for topical applications, then silver sol can be utilized thrice each day by keeping the minimum contact time to five minutes per each and every application.

Is Silver sol secure to utilize?

Several people fear that silver utilized in silver sol being a heavy metal could trigger toxic nephropathy i.e. the functional or morphological adjust within the kidneys. But, this danger is just not connected with silver sol which consists of the specially structured silver.

The top portion with the silver sol, the new silver remedy is that it is entirely non-cytotoxic i.e. silver sol will not cause any harm for the human cells.

The new silver solution is so intelligent that silver sol acts only the pathogenic bacteria and leaves the beneficial bacteria unaffected which even the most potent antibiotics can not do. The silver sol answer can applied either topically or orally and is proved to become completely secure.

Yet another important desirable function of the new silver resolution, silver sol is it can be employed as a permanent preventative anti-microbial with no the fear of establishing resistance. Therefore, silver sol is the very best preventive anti-microbial to use at occasions of travelling or visiting areas with high danger of infections.

Analysis studies have shown that even overdose of silver sol does not trigger any dangerous unwanted side effects. Silver employed in silver sol isn’t regarded as as a heavy metal. Usually, heavy metals get accumulated within the brain as well as the new silver resolution, the silver sol is devoid of this danger.

Nevertheless, there’s one particular concern with excessive usage of silver in ionic form. It’s the development of a condition called argyria. This disease that develops on account of over usage of silver solutions with salts does not trigger any unwanted side effects. It only causes cosmetic negative effects that trigger the skin color to adjust into either grey or blue. The great news is the fact that silver sol containing the metallic silver is devoid of this side impact.

May be the new silver remedy equivalent to the metallic silver?

The silver that’s utilised in silver sol is specially engineered to improve the anti-microbial properties of silver. The silver sol composition is various in comparison to other colloidal silver forms. The silver sol differs from colloidal silver in its physical and chemical properties. It can be these differential properties of silver sol that has made it an useful item within the field of medicine. The new composition of silver employed in silver sol has received United States Patent within the year 2006.

Silver sol getting the only silver liquid with anti-microbial properties that has received the patent given that 1920 is highly secure to use. The new silver solution is also approved by FDA as a wound care agent. The silver sol is also tested by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is proven to be secure even for the atmosphere. No other liquid silver anti-microbial product can compete with the new silver answer.

Lastly, silver sol, the new silver remedy with anti-microbial action, capability to distinguish damaging and useful bacteria, non-cytotoxic impact and feasibility to utilize as a permanent anti-microbial agent with out the danger of developing resistance and above all of the only silver sol with United States Patent has created it an entirely secure agent to utilize. Silver sol with useful utilizes is becoming really popular item among the wellness pros.

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