Library software

Library software has revolutionised the life of a librarian

Many of us will remember the days when we would visit a public library and either wished to take a book out or return one. The librarian would have a wooden filing box in which she would search for the appropriate card, stamp it and the book, and then you could move on. That took time, and often the cards were misplaced or misfiled, and then you would be stood at the desk for an interminable period of time.

Today library software that is multifunctional, will assist in all areas of library work, and will make the library far more user friendly.

It does not matter if you are using a public library, a university library, a research library or a library that belongs to your club, library software will assist in the management.

Book search

Often a person will visit a library not sure of the exact book they require, or armed with the full details and will need to check to see if the library has a copy, or if it is on the shelf. You can now visit a terminal and enter the ISBN, the author’s name, the title, a phrase from the title or even a subject matter search, and the system will inform you of the availability. If the book should be at another public library then the system will allow you to reserve the book, and it will be delivered to your local library and you will automatically be notified.


You can now borrow a book by just passing the bar code over a scanner and it will relate to the bar code of your user registration that you will have previously scanned. This loan can be extended from your home computer by entering your user number and then the library software will allow you entry to your records and you can then extend the loan.

Stock management

Library software will also allow for the library to see how many books they have of a particular volume, to know if the book has been on loan longer than it should and also to move volumes between libraries if necessary.

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