Castors are vital components to a range of products, and the right castors will be able to move freely and support items of large weight and volume, and when buying castors, customers should go for a well known brand with a great industry reputation.

Here at Priory Castor we specialise in castors and our range is both extensive and affordably priced. We provide castors for every single sector in the UK and we are a one stop shop for every kind of castors device available.

All of our castors are designed to be able to cope with extreme temperatures, and this is essential for those buying castors for use in a hazardous factory setting. All of our castors can operate in temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius, but for those looking for castors which can deal with higher temperatures, give us a call and we can help you out.

We advise all of our castors customers to go for individual castors which should be able to take at least a third of the combined carried weight, and those unsure about this aspect of buying castors can get in touch with our knowledgeable team and benefit from their wealth of castors experience.

To give our castors customers the biggest range of choice when buying from us, we stock a huge selection of different types of castors. These include push in peg castors, plastic fitting castors, expander castors and single thread or single bolt hole castors.

We also provide castors with plate fixing and four bolt holes, and these are the most secure castors that we stock.

We can help you find the best castors for your needs, and can give handy tips and advice on a range of castors considerations, from load capacity to overall height and ease of movement. In general, we tell our castors customers that the larger the wheel, the easier the movement will be and the higher weight the castors will be able to manage.

If you are looking for great quality castors, then give us a call today and find out about our fantastic range of affordably priced and top quality options.

With a wide variety of castors available from you can be sure that you can purchase the right castors for your needs, from an experienced company and at a competitive price.