RYA Day Skipper Courses and What They Offer

RYA Day Skipper Courses; fun and learning

RYA Day Skipper Courses are an excellent way for those who already have some sailing experience to hone and develop their skills. RYA Day Skipper courses will cover everything you need to know about skippering a modern cruising yacht. These aspects will include the following;

* Boat handling
* Navigation
* Seamanship skills
* Pilotage

These skills are important and the experience of sailing with professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of sailing and skippering will increase your confidence as well as your know-how and your hands on experience will encourage you to try new challenges.

The Aim of RYA Day Skipper Courses

The aims of an RYA Day Skipper Course are to allow potential skippers to skipper a passage and to experience all that this involves. A qualified and experience instructor will watch you carefully to ensure your safety and development during the passage.

This experience will enable you to have the know-how and confidence to skipper a cruising yacht during the day, in waters which are already known to you. The RYA Day Skipper Course is recommended for people who have some experience already and who have already logged more than 100NM and who have some experience or understanding of basic navigational skills.

The RYA Day Skipper Course lasts for 5 days and participants can choose to complete the course over 5 consecutive days or to take them as two smaller sessions of 2 and 3 days.

What is included in an RYA Day Skipper Course?

This is an inclusive course and covers all meals eaten on board as well as comfortable sleeping arrangements; if required you can be provided with all weather wear. The RYA Day Skipper Courses are a wonderful opportunity to increase your skills in a fun and safe environment.

Washing facilities are available at various marinas which you will call at daily and there is no extra charge for this. Booking is simple and participants will benefit from all aspects of the course as well as the opportunity to meet with other people at a similar stage in their sailing skills.

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