Lean manufacturing

As many more businesses flood the market offering similar products and effectively fight for market domination the completion can lead to many, especially in modern times of economic unrest exploring new methods of streamlining themselves and keeping costs down whilst simultaneously trying to keep their customers happy and stay ahead of their rivals.

In a busy market and with lots of demand there are many differing methods and many professional consultants available for businesses that make the choice to seek and take on extra assistance.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing Training (sometimes simply referred to as “Lean”) is a universally recognised set of principles originating from the Japanese Manufacturing industry and most famously by the firm Toyota in their post war era. Toyota found the principles so useful and effective that they are still used in both their home plants and their worldwide manufacturing centres to this day.

Lean Manufacturing works on the theory that any business, organisation or corporation can become efficient and remain so if it rids itself of that which is wasteful, be that over production, surplus stock or time spent waiting.

In lean manufacturing it is universally accepted there are five main principles: identify what creates value for the customer, understand the process required to fulfil these needs, create an obstacle free flow to processing the customer requirement, only make what is required (as opposed to having surplus stock or materials) and constantly review and improve the process. In addition to the five base ideas there are a number of separate theories which form a major ideology.


In addition to the proven benefits to manufacturing and profit margins as demonstrated by Toyota and other global corporations such as Coors as well as many private hospitals there have been many studies aimed at discovering the actual benefits of the process. The main benefits as discovered are less storage space being required, improved quality, more flexibility when it comes to manufacturing and a safer working environment as well as being generally better for the environment at large and the ethical considerations toward the company’s carbon footprint.

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