Physical intervention training

What to do when confronted with playground fights

Most of us can remember the odd playground fight at school.  Some of us might have been involved in the occasional bout of fisticuffs at school but that doesn’t mean to say we’d know how to react if we were faced with an act of aggression in the playground today.

Teachers are quite often faced with this scenario yet a successful outcome can be achieved with physical intervention training.  Once the teacher has taken part in Physical intervention training they are better equipped to handle awkward situations. With Physical intervention training you’re give an insight into how to handle confrontational episodes, you also know where you stand from a legal perspective.

If you’re a teacher you might have used the skills you learnt during Physical intervention training already, perhaps your restraint training came in handy as well.  You might not be able to stop playground fights but at least you know what to do with Physical intervention training.

About to take part in physical intervention training

You’ll probably be wondering what you’ll learn on the Physical Intervention training.  Courses that comprise of Physical intervention training cover practical and theoretical elements.  As a person in charge of youngsters you need to understand the rights of the children, plus your own rights, and the Physical intervention training arms you with this knowledge, along with how to use the appropriate amount of force.

Bearing this in mind, some people take part in restraint training as well, coupled to Physical intervention training.  The better trained you are the more effective you can be when faced with confrontational situations, helping you to keep safe and your pupils safe at the same time.

It can be frightening when faced with confrontational situations

Thankfully the physical intervention teaches you the skills you need to deal with acts of aggression calmly, assertively whilst still retaining control.

The teaching profession is just one sector where Physical intervention training can be of real benefit.  Any person that is employed in a care setting or works in the public sector could put the skills they learnt as part of Physical intervention training and restraint training to good use when hostile situations arise.

Courses in Physical intervention training are run throughout the country look for a local provider if you require details of the next course dates.  Take part in Physical intervention training and you can tackle confrontational situations with greater confidence in the future.

With physical intervention training and restraint training available from you can be sure that you will receive the right training courses for your job. Visit us for more information!