Law of Attraction – An Open Mind is Required

If I had to pin down my success in life, it has to boil down to the fact that I have always maintained a very open mind and was not afraid to evaluate different options. That, paired with finding experts in a specific field, trusting their judgment, and executing their strategies. This is not an easy mindset to maintain because it requires 2 elements that most people can not seem to control – their ego and the ability to trust. However, learning how to tame the ego and trust others is a great way to attract endless abundance in your personal and business life.

A Closed Mind Equals Closed Doors

There’s nothing quite as limiting as a closed mind.

With limitless opportunities in all areas of your life, closing your mind to one often limits the gateways to others. How do you expect to uncover all those gems that are waiting for you to recognize them?

If people could only recognize that they are limiting their own success by choosing to be “right” all the time, and by adopting a no trust attitude.

An Open Mind Equals Open Doors

On the other hand, nothing whips open the doors of opportunity faster than by opening the mind and admitting that there is other ways other than our own ideas to become successful and happy.

You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly ideas and opportunities flood your space when you finally decide to really investigate with an open mind and admit to yourself that other people have knowledge they can pass on to you in order for you to get what you truly want.

This will happen when you are ready. When the student arrives the teacher will appear, because the teacher is always there, its just the student who has failed to see them.

Abundance is Always Yours

There is absolutely no shortage of abundance in your life. Its everywhere, but few people recognize that it is theirs for the taking.

One of the fastest ways to attract whatever it is you want is to lead with an open mind, think about what you want and believe it is already yours, and be ready to receive it. This takes an abundance mentality – the reality that you have everything you need and all you need to do is be extremely grateful for it. Once you fully engage this mindset, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way between you and your dreams.

Discernment is Important

In a society whose “leadership” is constantly being investigated for its lack of integrity, it can be very difficult to trust anyone based on our experience.

Your ability to use your discernment, or trusting your gut, will be essential to being able to trust people that want to help you and have no intent to do you any harm. In my experience there is many of them, but then again I have attracted these types of people into my life on purpose with an abundance mentality.

If you want the world to open up to you badly enough, you will have to open your mind to all types of possibilities to evaluate. It may seem treacherous, but really, its the only way to a life of abundance.

Remember, all successful people are students by nature. They keep an open mind to allow ideas to flow in, then they study them, evaluate, and pick and choose based on their gut and intelligence. Their biggest challenge is typically that they have more ideas than they can execute…would you like to have that problem?

Then pry that mind open, and keep it open to attract all that is yours.

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