How To Design Disruptive Products?

A great method to design great profitable products that beat the competition is called “Disruptive Story Telling”. Disruptive Stories are a way of designing and thinking of new products as if you’re writing a book or a film scenario. There are five elements that make up a Disruptive Story. Each one fulfilling a different part of the storyline that the customers go through. These are the five elements a Disruptive Story is made of:

Promised Land

Note: When designing your Disruptive Story, it’s not necessary to follow the list above in the correct order. Starting with Villain(s) first for example is perfectly possible.

These five elements build the storyline of a product that will rock your customers and leave the competitors behind.

Your (1)Followers, can be lead by your (2)Superhero, that has an awesome (3)Superpower, which can defeat the (4)Villain and help them reach the (5)Promised Land.

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