Why bother with Building Surveys?

You don’t buy a house every day of the week, for many, this is the largest financial commitment they are going to make in their life.  Therefore, you have to feel confident with the choice of house that you make, the location needs to be right and the property should be structurally sound.  The best way to test the mettle of the home is to ask a chartered surveyor to conduct building surveys on the property, without Building Surveys you haven’t got a clue what horrors could be lurking.

Building Surveys are conducted to examine the condition of the home in more detail picking up on any problems that might exist.  The Building Surveys are comprehensive, they leave no stone unturned which is exactly what you want when you’re making a large financial investment.  Building Surveys provide a buyer with peace of mind; in-depth reports tell them exactly what state the house is in.

Everything looks okay

From the outside a property might look fabulous so is there really a need for building surveys? If the home is well kept surely one of the Building Surveys by a chartered surveyor is a complete waste of money isn’t it?  Far from it!  You don’t know what problems could be lying under the skin of the home but Building Surveys would soon highlight any issues.

Building Surveys comprehensively examine all areas of the property from the tips of the chimney pots to any damp that might be showing in the basement.  You’ll know where you stand once Building Surveys have been completed, the report will show you how healthy the house is.

What if there are problems?

At least you’ll know about them! Once the chartered surveyor has completed the building surveys they provide you with a detailed report highlighting any problem areas and they can even provide a schedule of repairs that need to be completed.

When you think about Building Surveys are brilliant bargaining tools.  The findings of the Building Surveys could be used to negotiate a knock-down price on the property.  Go back to the vendor with your Building Surveys and show them the issues that have been raised, ask them to be fixed before you place an offer, or suggest a reduction in price to cover the costs of the repair work.

Either way you know where you’re up to with Building Surveys and you can make a decision whether or not to put an offer in for a property based on their recommendations.

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