Funk up your fashions using the latest digital Textile Printing technology

Want to create new fashion designs and blow rival fashion houses away with your colour and captivating range of innovative clothing?  Like the ideal of moving away from traditional print methods to embrace a different type of fabric printing solution using the very latest digital Textile printing technology?  It’s a smart move because Textile Printing not only gives you a greater scope of colours to choose from it also gives you a greater degree of flexibility with regards to design ideas as well.

With Textile Printing garments are printed direct from computer files and you can be as quirky as you like with the designs. Consider Textile Printing and you can create a fun fashion range that looks absolutely amazing.  Plus you can chop and change designs at the last minute if you need to by using Textile Printing without delaying the print run in the process.

Strengthen security

There’s another good reason for you to choose digital Textile printing technology.  It safeguards your designs.  The threat of design theft is eliminated with digital Textile Printing.  Quite simply your designs are sent electronically to fabric printing services that perform Textile Printing.  You retain greater control over your designs using digital Textile Printing and there’s less chance your designs will fall into foul hands.

Use normal print methods and there’s always a threat of design theft but digital Textile Printing solves this problem. Don’t be gullible, keep your designs close to your chest and when they’re ready for Textile Printing opt for a digital solution.

Go for a clean, green solution

Contact a Textile printing company that offers a digital fabric printing service and you’ll also eliminate the amount of waste that traditional types of printing often produces. Not only is digital Textile Printing less wasteful, it’s kinder to the environment as well so that’s worth bearing in mind if you care about green issues.

Textile Printing produces brilliant results and it’s a safe, proven method of printing garments.  You’d enhance productivity using digital Textile Printing, be in the prime position to produce stunning designs and be working with an environmentally sound solution at the same time.

Why limit your options with traditional Textile Printing when digital print services are the way forward?

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