Actuated Valve

When would you use an electric Actuated Valve?  That would depend.  Right now, in various industries the length and breadth of the UK an Actuated Valve will be in operation, helping to control automation processes.  By design, different models of a high quality Actuated Valve are available and they work in a variety of hostile environments.  Some are designed to cope with lower temperatures, whilst a specific variety of Actuated Valve copes with extreme temperatures, designed to work in environments where temperatures can rise above 130C.  If want a reliable valve that’s waterproof and can handle extreme working conditions, you’ll find an Actuated Valve that can handle anything you decide to throw at it.   Specifications for an Electric Actuated Valve  Depending on the manufacturer of the Actuated Valve some of the standard features you might find on the unit are as follows.  A tough and durable weatherproof housing is quite a common feature.  This casing is also anti-corrosive so the Electric Actuator is well protected.  LED status lights are also popular features on an Electric Actuated Valve, they show if the unit is working or not, helping to cut down on guesswork.  The exterior of the Electric Actuated Valve might come with a wiring diagram, that’s really useful for site operatives, as is the manual override facility.  The easy to install Actuated Valve also benefits from an anti-condensation heater amongst other highly useful features and this eradicates the old problem of condensation that actuators might have suffered with.  Cut down on installation times with a modern Electric Actuated Valve   A modern Electric Actuated Valve has been designed to be extremely user-friendly.  Installation times on site have been dramatically reduced thanks to the ease and simplicity of fitting an Electric Actuated valve.  Today the Electric Actuated Valve comes with a multi-flange mounting, the electric actuators can be connected within a short timescale and the unit is ready to go to work.  Engineers will find the Electric Actuated Valve proves to be reliable and hard wearing, as you might expect from a unit that’s designed to work in a host of demanding industries.

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