Bearing Distributors have revolutionized the mechanical industry!

Bearing distributors have truly revolutionized the mechanical industry, with the invention and mass production of balling bearings.

Back in the Stone Age people used the old load bearings that don’t exist anymore.

The reason for the exiling of these bearings was for one reason. The use of these bearings in rotator machines handicapped the machine from pressure.

The real reason Bearing distributors stop using loading bearings was their destructive nature. Loading bearings would totally destroy other moving parts.

Bearing distributors basically turned load bearings into small steel balls which are en-cased in inner rings.

Encasing these steel balls protects ball bearings from pressure, which will give ball bearings a longer life.

Roller and thrust bearings have been the norm in the bearing industry. The reason is because of their ability to hold-up angular loads. Bearing distributors have designed thrust bearings to revolutionize car transmissions. Thrust bearings have been created to pull large forces in cars, electric power and railroads.

Their design has caused the ball bearing industry to take notice. BDI was the leading force in thrust bearing production.

Now, thrust bearing is becoming the flagship for every bearing distributor.

One of the most revolutionizing concepts that the bearing distributors have accomplished is the use of hardened steel for ball bearings.

Harden steel is ideal for rotating and moving parts. Also harden steel is also prefect if your looking for the proper material to resist pressure that can destroy normal ball bearings.

BDI also started using ceramic to create ball bearings. Ceramic stands out because of its resistant to high temperature.

Most steel ball bearings tend to warp after they have been subjected to high temperatures.

Ceramic ball bearings are also known as hybrid bearings. Ceramic bearings are mainly used for angular contact, which are normally used for high speed machines.

The unique thing about ceramic bearings is that they are forty percent lighter. It’s simple, less weight means less friction.

Most bearing distributors have made our life easier even though we haven’t noticed it.

The next time you’re driving in your car and you begin to take a steep hill.

You should know that the ball bearings in your transmission are the reason you can climb the hill without any difficulties.

Ball bearing distributors and ball bearings are going to be a part of our life rather we like it or not.

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