How to Conquer Premature Ejaculation

Men who are plagued by premature ejaculation are infrequently disinclined to talk about the topic. They may regard it as a problem that somehow makes them less than a real man. the reality is that a big number of men suffer at the hands of this malady and that there are methods to stop it and regain an active and adequate sex life.

Infrequently the issue can be discovered with the computer ( Pubococcygeus ) muscles close to the prostate gland. These muscles control the ejaculation process and if they lose control, they’ve probably lost elasticity and strength. To regain the strength and make the PC muscles more flexible, exercise them several times each day by using any of the strategies that may be found online or in books.

Uneasiness or stress can also cause the muscles to tense and to force a quicker faster more rapid ejaculation during sexual realtions. There are many ways to stop stress-induced early ejaculation. Taking time to become awakened without causing ejaculation is one way to ensure that the sex act isn’t finished before it even begins. Most girls enjoy the pleasure they receive from foreplay and men can also learn how to enjoy it.

Taking deep breaths during love-making can also lengthen ejaculation. Deep breaths act as a relaxing element and can help you remain sensitive, but in control. Before sexual arousal, engage your partner in a full-body massage that includes the gonads. Take turns massaging each other and exploring all body parts taking note which areas plug the most arousal. Just take your time and do not rush to the process of intercourse.

Poor health or psychological Problems ( such as feelings of ineptitude ) can also be causes for a person to experience early ejaculation. He may feel tension about ejaculating too shortly before his partner is satisfied and irritated with himself as he lost control. The way to counterbalance this difficulty is for the person to become more familiar with his body and this can include assorted forms of care, like Tantric Sex.

Tantric sex contains a stop and start technique that is’s practiced by stopping sexual arousal just at the point of ejaculation and then beginning again, repeating a number of times during intercourse. Breathing exercises are also part of practicing tantric sex to totally relax the body.

Communication with your sex partner is crucial to ending early ejaculation issues. Learning to guide your better half during sex by expressing what you are feeling at the moment can increase pleasure for both of you.

Armed with knowledge and eagerness the fight the problem of rapid climax, this problem can be overcome and you can decide the best method ( or combination of techniques ) is correct for you.

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