Putting the Pow Back Into Your Affiliate Marketing Power

After joining a program filled with promises do you find yourself wondering where exactly is the pow, the real wow factor? Have you found yourself frustrated or overwhelmed and just want to quit? Don’t worry, you are not going crazy. You are not alone. Most of the programs out there promise the moon and fail to deliver the pow necessary to really get the momentum going. They fail to deliver the power you must have to be successful.

Pow Makes All The Difference

Given the choice between an endless stream of nothing but “affiliate marketing education” and actually pulling in paychecks for one’s effort, it’s easy to see why most people quit. Power quite literally will mean the difference whether you make money or not. It’s one thing to train a person, it’s quite another to actually put you on your road toward direct returns on your investment.

Yes your chosen program should, no must, provide you with the tools and training you need. Really make the pow jump out of the word power. With power on your side you no longer are just part of the crowd. You rise above those who would choose to deliberately “keep you down.” You know what I mean. Promises upfront that are never lived up to “in the back.” Zero pow for your buck.

The reason you must have a powerful program is simple. If you continue to choose programs that do little more than pump themselves up so you can potentially make money for them (and just some for yourself) you remain in a vicious cycle of failure. After all, just how many people want to continue their lives attempting to persuade their friends and family that they have found that holy grail?

Being an affiliate marketer is not for everyone, especially if you truly have the skills and power to launch your own business, keep it moving forward, and break the chain of relentless “training.”

The Truth About the Pow Factor of Business-in-a-Box Programs

When you are handed the keys to a proven business model you will understand the difference. The pow does not come from the features but from the benefits you gain. Many master marketers know the truth that you will not follow through. You may buy, you might look around, but very few – a very tiny percentage – will actually take what is given them and turn it into a money producing, sustainable business for themselves.

Ask yourself whether you are content to continue to try to make a percentage (be an affiliate) or whether you would love to see yourself pulling in 100 percent profits. Yes, every sale heading straight to your bank account, not theirs.

Then, ask yourself if you found the program that gives you the “supplies” and complete control over the incoming money (with solid training to show you how to accomplish this) wouldn’t you throw away everything else cluttering up your hard drive and make a real push to stand on your own two feet forever?

The true power of the right business model, the only model that works, finishes its job by letting go. You’ll no longer be a child clinging to your mother’s hand, but a true power master in your own right.

JT Salas encourages you to drop your old ways and move forward this new year and all the years to come. Discover how he’s put the pow back into power while making a steady living online.