Content type hub for mass recognition online

On this unique post we are going to cover step four of the Abundance and Freedom mastery series.
I’m going to go over the content type hub which is the main point of all your content interactivity over the internet and plays an exceptionally significant role making our marketing tactics function and driving search engine rankings.
This series will be conducted over a few posts linked to this one, so be sure to go through to the bottom to find the hyperlink to the next stage.
Right now Im going to expose you to one of the most vital aspects of this entire teaching series. Your content type hub, and that is your BLOG.
Your blog is the pulse of your internet business.
When i state this, i truly, truly mean it.
When i started blogging and comprehending the reasons for doing it, my website traffic pretty much went through the roof.
I began getting leads coming to me each and every single day on autopilot.
And i began sponsoring more and more people.
I started getting affiliate commissions and bank checks in the mailbox.
I will show the way in which to USE YOUR BLOG
AS a content type hub
for publishing and centralizing your custom content types

This is tremendously powerful.

Now before we get in to this,
i just would like to do a quick recap on what we dealt with in part three.
Remember, our foundational principles, the core concepts of marketing
that drive search engine traffic?
That is, the unique content,
that is most relevant,
that has the most sites linking in,
essentially gets to the top of everything.

So why use a blog as your content type hub?

Well, most of the web sites that you see online
are what we call HTML websites (Hyper Text Mark-up Language).
HTML sites require knowing a whole bunch of programming,
Code for graphics and web pages and files,
and HTML websites are typically not updated very often.
Most of the time you see them with large corporate kind of companies,
like virgin, Vodafone etc
Well, the difficulty with ranking html site’s,
is that the search engines really act in response to new content.
And, html often is reliant on special software
and a whole lot of files to just try to make them run
with special codes to make it function,
and an expert webmaster to pull all this together,
so it’s just not that efficient, to be adding to it all the time.
Plus,when you add a file,
it normally takes several weeks
and in some cases even months to be registered on the search engines to be ranked.
This is not an effective content type hub,
and definitely not for what we wish to accomplish.

Blogs are completely different.
They work wonderfully as a content type hub.
For starters, they take advantage of web 2.0,
just like all of the high traffic sites such as social media sites
like facebook, twitter, you tube and a large amount of company replicated sites.
Well, with web 2.0 you can post and publish
all of your content types to your Blog
and the search engines pick it up promptly
and on auto-pilot
via what’s known as a PING.
And this happens EACH AND EVERY TIME you put brand new content up on your Blog.
This is exactly why a blog is SO powerful,
and such a great content type hub.

Content type hub – Search engine traffic.

A search engines main objective is to provide their customers
with the most amount of up to date and pertinent content.

IE: Consider the No. 1 Search Engine, Google!
Its main function is to help users,
find what they’re browsing for right?
So, if someone is searching for a particular topic,
and you currently have content that matches what they are browsing for,
then Google will point them to your website.

Google LOVES blogs.
People also love blogs
and they will actually come to your blog all the time.

They’ll register to your RSS feed,
hook up with you by way of your twitter and facebook links,
and any additional blog or activity you’ve got linked in to your blog.
Your blog is your main content type hub,
for everything that Im going to coach you.

How do you use your Blog for online business?

Well this is what I cover in more fine detail
in further steps of the Abundance and Freedom mastery series,
but basically all you will need to know at this stage is,
Original content is the key to having great results online.

In the core concepts of marketing
I revealed to you the necessary aspects needed in your content
to make it SEO friendly.

In Web content guidelines,
I demonstrated to you several types of content that you can produce and make use of all across the word wide web,
and your blog is your content type hub,
the main command point for all of your types of content
and where you will conduct the 3 steps to online marketing.
Step 1 is to quickly get that traffic.
Then step 2 is to turn that traffic into leads.
And as soon as they become a lead, then they start to move through your sales funnel.
And that’s where step 3 comes in,
where you start to turn a profit from generic offers.

So that’s how we’re going to use your blog to build your business.
My online business partner, David wood, made a great video that sums it up perfectly.
See author resource box link.
Don’t stress if you don’t get the whole picture just yet,
as i cover all of this in the Abundance and freedom mastery series.

In the next part, content creation, i tell you how to develop winning content
for your blog to get ranked higher on the search engines.

If you don’t currently have a blog, you could set one up from scratch,
but that is a whole entire training series all by itself,
and you will have to get a domain, hosting,
and then gain knowledge of how to build it and set it up to be found by the SEO’s
to have even a possibility of getting traffic.
This could take months, and cost a pretty penny,
before you can actually start blogging and marketing.
Then you need to build up the sites recognition,
which unfortunately only comes with time and activity.
And you will probably have yanked your hair out
getting over the technical complications that come with this undertaking.
Or, you can save yourself ALL the cost and aggravation
and get your own personal aged blog platform here.
Your own personal Authority site,
pre-set up with advanced tools and plug in’s
that’s completely ready for you to simply start blogging,
marketing and
making money.
And i can show you exactly how to do the rest on my blog.

Those who wish to use their blog as a Content Type Hub 🙂 to distribute their content across the web are, must understand how to market properly. To discover how to build your own list of top quality prospects, brand yourself, and secure your destiny as an online marketer, look around my blog right now for FREE training.