Creating Impact with Your Flyers

When creating flyers, a surprising number of businesses will look at simply utilising the same designs they have used on items previously, such as their business cards. Not only will adapting a business card design often save money, but it will also usually ensure that branding stays very much focussed and that the business has a very recognisable look.

However, there is going to be a great deal of difference between creating a good business card design and effective flyer designs. Business cards will be all about getting your information across in a clear and succinct manner, whilst flyer designs need to be far more high impact.

Black and white business cards will usually be fine for the majority of companies, but utilising the same colour scheme for flyers will often be a big mistake. Flyers are all about getting as much attention as possible in the most effective way possible. As such, the more striking your printed flyers are, the more likely they are to attract a great deal of attention.

Colour printing is far cheaper than it ever used to be and as such it is far cheaper for people to create printed flyers that do the job you need them to do. Whilst such promotional materials might once have only been affordable in black and white, the difference in cost between the two is often fairly negligible these days and as such it should be relatively cheap for any business to make the most of their advertising avenues.

Whilst logos may well be shared by both business cards and flyers, this is often where the similarities should end, as the two need to offer very different views of a company. So, remember that the higher impact you can make your flyers, the better, whilst business cards should stay very much focussed on just delivering the information clearly.

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