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The Stebco Briefcase allows men and women to carry their laptop, documents, notebooks, textbooks and other necessities with them wherever they go; from a busy day at the work place or in the classroom to meetings with clients, study meetings, and anywhere else. The fully padded interior compartment cradles laptops and adjusts to hold many different types of laptops. Stebco Official Amazon Store

With greater organization, the Stebco Briefcase also features added pockets that will hold CDs, business cards, cell phones, iPods, pens and pencils, and much more. You can easily carry all the accessories you’ll need throughout the day without having to carry extra luggage or stuffing accessories in your pockets. You’ll never have to worry about digging through your pockets or bag as this briefcase features fantastic organization capabilities.

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The file folder compartment on the back allows you to keep documents separated and safe, so whether you’re carrying legal documents, homework, contracts or something else, you’re ensured that they’re safe. Created from 100% leather, this briefcase is soft to the touch but still protective. The handle is well padded, and there’s a detachable shoulder strap that is super-comfortable. The dimensions of this bag are 15 by thirteen
by 6 inches, so it’s large enough to carry several items but still small enough to be comfortable. You’ll notice that it’s comfortable to carry and doesn’t weigh you down, even when it’s loaded with items. It’s thin enough to be practical but still holds the things you’ll need to utilize.

This case features an one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything is defective or flawed, you can receive a free replacement. It’s functional and stylish, allowing you to combine beautiful with functional. It’s perfect for professional person. Created from high-quality materials and featuring the best craftsmanship, this bag is sure to last for a very long time. The stitching is strong and does not contrast with the bag, so if you’d rather the stitching on your briefcase be inconspicuous, this is the briefcase for you. This saves you $$$ as you don’t have to replace it as often as you might the cheaper kinds of briefcase or laptop bag. Overall, the Stebco Briefcase is a great choice.

This case features an one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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