Review Of A Car Key Replacement Company

Everyone loses something from time to time right?

There is not a morning that goes past when I don’t witness my wife frantically searching the house for her mobile phone and keys, before she leaves for work already 15 minutes late! Fortunately she can call her mobile phone to locate it, but her keys are always the last to be found; usually deep in the murk of her handbag.

Last Tuesday she was not so lucky, and after 2 overwrought hours the house was tipped from the foundations up and there was still no manifestation of the missing keys.

Having never lost our car keys before, well not permanently anyway, we were not too sure what to do. An internet search for “lost car keys” revealed several companies that claimed to be fully mobile and able to supply me with a new key for less than the main dealer garages. One company in particular, ‘The Auto Locksmith’ stood out from the rest, and was also highly recommend on most of the forums that were also listed for the same search term.

I gave them a call and reached a voicemail that informed me they were unable to take my call and would call me back within five minutes if I left my number and a brief message. I left a message and then called another company that was listed as a sponsored link, claiming to guarantee the “lowest price in London for replacement car keys”. I got the impression the phone operative was in a call centre as he put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back with a price that nearly knocked me onto my back!

I promptly ended the call and thought about turning the house over once more, but before I could put the phone down it rang back and I was speaking to Mark at The Auto Locksmith. Mark apologised for missing my call and explained he was on a job in an underground car park and had no signal. What a relief I thought, I’m actually speaking to a locksmith as opposed to someone in a call centre that was going to put me on hold for the rest of the morning.

Mark explained how straight forward it was to replace my keys and took the time to clarify the full process.The price was significantly better than the previous company that quoted the job, and I felt confident these guys knew what they were doing, so made an appointment for an engineer to come to my house and supply a new key. Mark confirmed exactly what I would be getting for
money and the engineers name andexpected arrival time.

30 minutes before arriving the locksmith gave me a courtesy call to say he was on his way. He arrived on time as promised in a clean van, (which is always a good sign). The locksmith was kitted out in brandeduniform and produced a badge to confirm who he was. He spent five minutes explaining the process andexactly what he would be doing to produce the new key. I was offered an additional key for an extra £30,which given the current predicament I was happy to accept. I went back in the house and felt confident toleave the locksmith working on my car. Less than 20 minutes later he was knocking on the door with twonew keys.

Final thoughts:

The Auto Locksmith made a complex problem seem very simple and hassle free. The whole process from the initial phone call to receiving a new key was straight forward and very clearly explained. I would describeThe Auto Locksmith’s as “car key experts” that know how to offer a great service and take the pain out of a very stressful situation. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone that loses their car keys.

The Article is written by providing Lost Car Keys.