Why Plastic is the best Material for Lockers

Metal was once the most popular and suitable solution for any company or organization that needed lockers. However, today, from gyms and schools to staff rooms, plastic lockers are usually now far more popular and indeed far more suitable.

There are many reasons for this, from the versatility of such lockers in terms of both style and practicality right through to the fact that plastic lockers are actually far more robust than their metal counterparts.

In the past, most companies would have considered metal a far more robust and sensible choice for their lockers. However, metal is very easy to dent, scratch and warp, and in turn using metal for the likes of sports lockers is going to offer something that can look old and battered within a very short space of time.

Plastic on the other hand will not be easily damaged and furthermore will be far more suited to all kinds of environment, including wet conditions and areas where temperatures can reach extremes.

Trying to fabricate a metal locker that is as strong and practical as a plastic locker would be extremely complicated and extremely expensive, whilst the very strongest and most attractive plastic sports lockers will be surprisingly cheap to manufacture and in turn purchase.

Plastic solutions will not only be more attractive, stay in good condition for longer and be suited to all types of environment, but they will also need little to no maintenance and, most importantly of all, offer excellent security when compared to another locker of a similar price fabricated from a different material.

No matter what style your changing room, staff room or school halls are, there will be a plastic locker solution that will seamlessly fit in and, in the majority of cases, actually improve the style of the space. In turn, there will be very little reason to look at any other solution.