Should You Scrap or Sell Your Car?

The value of scrap metal is changing all the time and therefore it might not always be instantly obvious whether or not you should scrap or sell on an old car.

If the car you have is not going to pass its next MOT and the cost of repairs are going to be more than the car is worth it may well be time to look at scrapping the car, but even then you will need to ask yourself ‘what is my car worth?’ before you know whether or not scrappage is the best option.

By asking how much is my car worth and then comparing that amount against the cost you will get for the car as scrap, you should very quickly be able to tell which is the best option for you. However, there are a few other things to consider. When selling, always advertise the car for slightly more than it is worth, as buyers will expect room for them to haggle. Furthermore, you may have to pay fees to advertise and sell the car, which may eat into the amount your car will actually make you. Then there is hassle to take into consideration – a scrap car firm will come and take your car away for you and deal with all the paperwork, whilst a private sale could take a considerable amount of time and hassle, so this should be factored in once you have found out what your car is worth and how much you could get for it as scrap.

If you are asking ‘how much is my car worth?’ there will be a very easy way to find out. A simple visit to a car valuation site will mean that not only can you get the answer to the question of what is my car worth in no time at all, but also that you might be able to get that valuation for free too.