How to Choose Between Working from an Office or from Home

Smaller companies can often greatly benefit from the flexibility and reduced costs of having their principal staff working from home. Should you be a sole trader or have only two or three members of staff then it can be far more cost-effective as well as far more flexible to simply use the home as an office.

However, there are also drawbacks about such an approach. Firstly, not having a physical location to have meetings in should you need to meet with potential clients could serve to make you look like a small company with a lack of resources; and even if this happens to be the case, you don’t want potential clients knowing that.

Secondly, working from home can also simply be far less productive. Not only will there be more distractions at home, but it can also be far harder to differentiate between a working environment and the home environment, meaning that it is harder to get into ‘work mode’ as well as potentially leading you to resent where you live.

For those who want office space in Cardiff but who don’t want to pay out on the huge number of overheads that such a move could create, there are ways to find attractive offices to let Cardiff that are fully furnished and don’t cost the earth. The benefits can be vast, offering you more potential to grow, more chance to take on extra work and the ability to truly differentiate between home and the workplace.

Even the address alone can make a big difference, with many people locating businesses using online maps – if they see you have dedicated office space in Cardiff, you will instantly look more professional than if you are located on a small residential street.

For those who do not need to ever face the public or only ever need to outside an office environment, working from home may still make sense, but for everyone else, it can be surprising how cost-effective for offices to let Cardiff can be.

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