The Difference With ILG

We know that fulfilling customer and client expectations is sometimes one of the most difficult things a company has to do. But we also feel absolutely the most important thing you can do for your business. That’s why here at International Logistics Group we treat every single order for direct mail fulfillment with the utmost care and respect. We feel just as strongly about pleasing you as our customer with with our fulfillment services as we do about helping you to help your business please your customers and clients.

Another difference with our company is that we are always happy to work with you on a very personal level with any kind of custom request you have for fulfillment services. We are not a carrier. We are an independent company, constantly looking to improve our services to better help you as a company.

We offer international courier services, UK parcel services, UK and international mailing services, and freight solutions. We offer you the opportunity to use one or a combination of any of these services, and we guarantee that you will receive a competitive price and a professional service that’s the best on the market. We are confident that you won’t find a better direct mail fulfillment service anywhere else.

When you choose to have important documents and parcels delivered via our courier service rather than through the post, you can be guaranteed a much faster service, and you are also guaranteed that your items will arrive safely, undamaged, and on time.

We are dedicated to offering you the lowest prices that we possibly can. Our staff offer the highest standards when it comes to work ethics, and they are constantly improving their skills and helping to improve our services so that they are and always will be exactly what you’re looking for and more.

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