Factors that Impact on Occupational Health and Safety

The priority in any place of work should be the health and safety of the employees. Despite this, thousands of people are people are injured in accidents in work every year. Most of these accidents could have been avoided. Here are some factors that can impact on occupational health and safety, so you will know what to avoid in your own workplace.

•    Insufficient Training
Many accidents at work are caused because staff haven’t had adequate health and safety training. Sufficient health and safety training is the key to preventing accidents in the workplace. Trained staff will be more equipped to recognise hazards in the workplace and will be able to act quickly should an accident happen. Companies that are serious about the safety of their staff should send all of them on health and safety training and managers should be prepared to undergo training also.

•    Unseen Risks
Members of staff in certain workplaces may think that they are working in a safe environment when, in fact, there are unseen risks that could impact upon their health. Certain building could contain unseen toxins which can cause illnesses or have poor ventilation which could lead to breathing disorders in staff. Even buildings in areas of high pollution can cause health problems in workers. Good companies should have a building tested for these occupational health and safety risks and deal with them accordingly.

•    Poor Management
The responsibility for good occupational health and safety lies firmly with the management. Good managers should be constantly on top of workplace risks and relevant health and safety legislation. They should be prepared to undergo regular health and safety training so they always know how the workplace can be made safer. Managers that are not serious about health and safety could be putting their employees at serious risk.

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