Choosing a Solent Sailing Club

The Solent is the name given to the area of sea between the coast of England and the Isle of Wight. It is in part thanks to the Solent and the access which it allows that Portsmouth and Southampton are so successful and highly used as sea ports and naval bases. Its relatively shallow depth and double tide make it ideal for all manner of sailing activities and it is for this reason that there are a large number of sailing clubs operating within the area. Sailing Clubs Operating using a typical “club hierarchy” with treasurers and secretaries a sailing club is a normally a group of owners of a similar class or size of boat. They are usually found in locations close to sailing amenities such as shore front or lake side and many are actually “tied in” with this area using its’ name and local environment. Although Sailing Clubs have been used in one form or another for quite some time they were often very exclusive and membership was a sign of great affluence with yachts being the most popular of boats to be owned. It was only in the last century that boat clubs begun to be frequented by the owners of small boats as well and although the ethos of the club might have remained similar whatever the size or cost of boat involved it is likely that these smaller clubs were more welcoming to newcomers to both the club and the sailing world as a whole. One Club does not suit all Whilst the tag of exclusivity may have worn off somewhat and the clubs have become more open and welcoming to new members and novices alike there is still a feeling that one club does not suit all and potential or would-be members often find themselves searching for a club with a perfect fit. As with clubs in all denominations it is not always easy to find exactly what is sought at the first place of trying and the Solent area is no different with clubs specialising in different boats, different methods of attracting new members and varying structures; not to mention the actual personality fits of the existing members with the newcomer. It is certainly worth shopping around for a club which suits both you and your vessel; whatever size and shape she might be. is a Solent Sailing Club and training school. We have some to the leading experts in sailing to train you and teach you an understanding of sailing; Check out our website today Solent Sailing School!