Photocopiers Manchester

Photocopiers available in Manchester Today photocopiers are not just that. They are scanners and faxes and indeed they may also act as the printer for your computer. The choice of photocopier will depend upon the use you wish to put it to and also the quantity of photocopying that you will do. Photocopier It may be that you undertake large volumes of photocopying, either a combination of black and white or colour. This will need a large and fast photocopier that will handle large volumes, and may well be able to collate the papers as well. This type of photocopier will be best if rented or lease hired, as the responsibility for ensuring that you always have a working piece of equipment rests with the supplier. The photocopier that you employ will have other facilities and this will include collating which is process where a considerable number of copies are printed and they are distributed amongst a number of shelves. These are then automatically stapled so that you have a finished product. Photocopier as a printer Many photocopiers have the ability to be linked to a computer and act as the printer for that piece of equipment, or indeed as a network printer for a number of computers. The photocopier will be able to print for the computer in whatever size of print you wish. The advantage of linking to this type of photocopier is that unlike a standard computer printer this one will be able to print sizes other than A4, and thus if you have a plan or a large spreadsheet, this can be printed to size whereby it will be readable easily. Photocopier as a fax Many companies now do not have separate fax but will have one attached to the photocopier. This can be useful as on occasions multiple page faxes are either transmitted or received. The quality in general will also be much higher. Photocopier as a scanner Today many documents are scanned and sent by email, particularly as if sent in PDF format they can be sued as legal evidence. The use of a photocopier as a scanner will allow for speed in the processing of the documents. A photocopier is no longer just a copier but a multipurpose piece of equipment.