Marquee Hire Surrey

Are you hosting an elegant party for all your friends and looking for a reliable and affordable supplier of contemporary marquee hire Surrey? Here at Hector’s Haus we have a diverse selection of marquees that are simply the best in London.

Hector’s Haus marquee hire Surrey offers a number of advantages over the competition. They can be used anywhere, on any surface whether it is a terrace, piazza, garden or field. They are free-standing with no anchors, centre posts or guide ropes and are highly stable, even in rough winds. Each of the marquee hire Surrey options are wonderfully organic they have a comfortable and airy feel, stylish interior and are comfortable and airy.

The geometry of the marquee hire Surry options that Hector’s Haus provides ensures that they are stronger and lighter than their archaic predecessors. Our marquee hire Surrey options that we are able to provide our customers, are easily erected, requiring no heavy machinery and are a very economical choice no matter if you choose to erect them in a field, roof terrace, garden or field.

Our marquee hire Surrey domes can be joined together to create a unique layout of your own design. They can be easily sealed should bad weather descend, exceed all required safety regulations and our marquee hire Surrey domes are unique and different.

The spectacular marquee hire Surrey domes range in sizes from three to nine metres squared and create a funky outdoor space which is ideal for other events like music festivals Bar Mitzvah’s and birthday parties. The sizes of our marquee hire Surrey domes of between three to nine metres squared means that our marquees can hold eighteen to one hundred and sixty two people.

For more information about our marquee hire Surrey domes, for a look at our full price range or to book one of our marquees then come and visit us online at:

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