Ecological Consultants

Ecological consultants will undertake work relating to wildlife, habits, conservation and the environment. They are focused on preserving wildlife and natural habitats. Ecological consultants will typically provide conservation advice to national bodies, local authorities, developers and statutory agencies regarding developed and natural habitats. Ecological consultants will be able to provide guidance on the design and management of new projects such as new parks, open spaces, leisure and recreation facilities and wind turbine installations.

Ecological consultancy services will frequently carry out habitat and vegetation surveys to help identify the suitability of habitats to support any protected species. These surveys are the foundation of good ecological work. Ecological consultants are hired quite often by developers to help them to get planning permission for certain projects. If a developer has an ecological impact assessment (EcIA) carried out it can increase their chances of getting planning permission.

Ecological consultants are needed to carry out ecological surveys and if you need such a survey carrying out you will need to find an ecological consultancy to provide you with a qualified consultant.  The most common types of ecological surveys that are required are bird surveys, bat surveys, otter, watervolves and small mammal surveys, badger surveys and habitat surveys. Such surveys can be used to submit alongside planning permission to show that you have taken these ecological issues into account.

If you have used ecological consultants as part of a site development process such as applying for permission to install wind turbines then they may be able to help you find appropriate developers for the site who will have the right expertise and experience to fulfil your requirements. If you are looking for ecological consultancy services then you can find consultants by searching online. If you type in ecological consultants and the area you need then in then you should be provided with a list of suitable contacts.

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