Funky Gadgets Gift Ideas

Innovative and original funky gadgets are great to give as gifts to people who have everything they need. Funky gadgets gifts also make great stocking fillers or perfect as secret Santa presents. Or you may even want funky gadgets to show off around your home, office, car, social gatherings or as part of your daily life. Funky gadgets could include clothing, figurines, motorised miniature replica vehicles, USB powered gadgets such as mug warmers, iPod speakers, desk clocks, robots and customised bobbleheads. A popular type of funky gadgets that make great décor pieces is the nuts and bolts figures. The nuts & bolts funky gadgets figure is a collection of chrome style miniature sculptures made from steel and copper. The sculptures are designed and created by contemporary German metal sculptor Gunter Sholz. The sculptures are caricatures of ordinary people at work or at play all of which wear signature glasses so they are easily identified as a funky gadgets sculpture designed by Shloz. You can find these funky gadgets sculptures in all types of themes such as work, sports, music, fun, love, office, wheels and just general day to day life. As well as desktop sculptures, you can find functional funky gadgets such as wine bottle holders in the shape of skiers, classic cars, golf, Indian Chief, wedding champagne, Samurai or Elvis Guitar. You can find funky gadgets that also function as toilet roll holders, desk tidy, pen holder, remote control holder, card holder and many types of paper weights shaped. Other funky gadgets sculptures themed for special occasions such as horse and carriage, wedding ball and chain figures, wedding couple, wedding proposal for weddings as well as graduation and celebration funky gadgets caricatures. For specific interests and hobbies you can also find Fishing, Golfing, Jet Ski, Skiers, Hair Cut, DJ, Weight Lifter, Ironing, Hoover, DIY, Horse Riding, Snooker / Pool, High Flyer, Football, Barbecue, Plumber, Cook, Skater, Carpenter, Reading, Chess Player nuts and bolts funky gadgets sculptures.

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